Faculty and Staff  
Carmen M. Garcia Principal
Lydia Sabatier Assistant Principal
Jackeline Sanchez-Jimenez P.Y.P. Coordinator
Maud P. Clark M.Y.P. Coordinator
  Instructional Staff  
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  Police Officer  
Officer Jason Leacock Extension #2009
Stefanie Macias Extension #2314
  Media Specialist  
  Sonia Garcia Extension #2014
  Computer Specialist  
  Raynor Leon Extension #2018
  Office Staff  
Principal's Secretary  Gina Ferrandiz Extension # 2003
Elementary School Assistant   Jessica Glickel Extension # 2005
School ClerkII Patricia Marty Extension # 2000
Clerical Assistant    Aconia Williams Extension # 2006
  Custodial and Cafeteria Staff  
Cafeteria Manager Maria Gutierrez Extension # 2012
Head Custodian Virtudes Amador  
Custodian Damian Yu  
Lead Custodian Tom Whitley  
Security Officers Manuel Bueno  
Manuel Navarro  
James Monsanto  
Marcaisse Predeulus  
Lathario Wright
Trina Edwards
  Para Professionals  
  Adelia Betancourt