International Studies Program

Students pursuing English/Spanish proficiency will have the opportunity to enter the Spanish Section of the International Studies Program (ISP). This dual recognition program is a collaborative effort of M-DCPS and the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain. The ISP offers students the opportunity to explore social science and science objectives which are part of Spain's educational curriculum and not covered by Florida standards. This highly demanding academic program will enable students to receive a "bachiller" degree from Spain as well as a High School Diploma upon successful 12th grade graduation from the program and fulfillment of the educational requirements set up by each country. The ISP functions as a component of Ada Merritt's English/Spanish two way bilingual program with an additional hour of daily instruction in Spanish.

Teaching Assignments for International Studies Program




Ms. Cobas



Ms. Castro


Ms. Lobaina



Mr. Hernandez


Ms. Agueda



Ms. Rivera


Ms. Diz



Ms. Arbonés


Mr. Madrigal


Purpose of the program

To provide the students with an extensive knowledge of Spanish language culture as well as literature.

Speaking, listening, reading and writing will be improved, focusing on the standards approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education.


Program Requirements

1. Attend class for an additional one hour and fifteen minutes of instruction in Spanish every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after regular school hours.

2. Maintain above average academic/conduct grades and achievement levels.

3. Complete and turn in all assigned homework.

4. Continue in the program for the duration of your child's enrollment in school.

5. Students that do not attend the After School Care Program should be picked up on time, immediately after the additional one hour and fifteen minutes of (ISP) instruction.


  • Please provide a quiet place where the student can work effectively

  • Please make sure the student does not leave assignments at home.

  • Please go over the student's home learning assignments daily

  • Please encourage the students to use maximum effort at school.


  • Must come to class prepared to work and with a positive attitude.

  • Should participate in class and ask for help when needed.

  • Must complete all assignments on time.

  • Should keep notebooks organized.

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