International Education Program

 The International Education Program curriculum is divided into ten units of study. These units focus on the development of oral and written communication and the understanding of the cultural aspects that play a role in language. Each unit culminates a final project. The final projects allow students to display their understanding of the units through the completion of individual projects delineated by both their peers and their teachers. The projects consist of hands on activities that give the students the opportunity to actively manipulate their learning process.

International Education Program





Ms.Carmen Spangenberg



Ms. Caroline Cortezia



Mr. William Cortezia




 The following table displays the units International Education Program will follow during the 2009-2010 school year.

International Education Program Themes

Theme #/Tema (nº)


Theme /Tema 1

“Children of Brazil: Discover a Sensational Country”/ “Brasil criança: descubra um país sensacional!”

Theme 2/Tema 2

“Global Warming and Brazil”/ “Brasil e o aquecimento global”

Theme 3/Tema 3

“Project TAMAR-IBAMA: Friends of the Sea/Projeto TAMAR-IBAMA:amigos do mar”

Theme 4/Tema 4

“ Samba and Carnaval:Sambista the samba dancing dog”/

“Samba e o Carnaval: A escola do cachorro sambista”

Theme 5/Tema 5

“End of the Year Presentation/ Apresentação de final do curso


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