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International Education Program

     The International Education Program (IEP) was established during the 2005-2006 school year by Miami-Dade County Public Schools and in support by the Cultural Center of Brazil (Centro Cultural do Brasil).

     IEP presents selected students in first through fourth grades with a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture and their official language. Students are chosen by their homeroom teacher based on levels of proficiency in the Portuguese language. The students are also chosen based upon their ability to display positive behavior and attitudes across subject areas.

     The International Education Program curriculum is divided by ten units of study. These units focus on the development of oral and written communication and the understanding of the cultural aspects that play a role in language. Each unit culminates a final project. The final projects allow students to display their understanding of the units through the completion of individual projects delineated by both their peers and their teachers. The projects consist of hands on activities that give the students the opportunity to actively manipulate their learning process.


International Education Links

     The following table displays the units International Education Program will follow during the 2006-2007 school years.

International Education Program Themes (2006-2007)

Theme #/Tema (n°) Theme/Tema
Theme 1/Tema 1 "We all have a history"/"Todos nós temos uma história!"
Theme 2/Tema 2 "Different but equal"/"Diferentes, mais iguais!"
Theme 3/Tema 3 "Adverisement"/"Contatos Imediatos"
Theme 4/Tema 4 "Childhood Games"/"Brincadeiras de ontem, hoje e de sempre."
Theme 5/Tema 5 "Once upon time..."/"Era um vez..."
Theme 6/Tema 6 "Beautiful Brazil I" (History)/" Belo Brasil I" (História)
Theme 7/Tema 7 "Beautiful Brazil II" (Population)/"Belo Brasil II" (Povos)
Theme 8/Tema 8 "Beautiful Brazil III" (Day to day living)/"Belo Brasil III" (Viver no Brasil)
Theme 9/Tema 9 "Famous Brazilians"/"Brasileiros famosos"
Theme 10/Tema 10 "End of the Year Presentation"/"Apresentação"

Teacher Assignments for International Education Program

Extended Day Classes Room
First Ms. Spangenberg 112
Third Ms. Cortezia 306


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